There there, the brokenbranches blog is born.

It’s conception happened quite unexpectedly during Fridayevening drinks with my two great friends M&R and after a very easygoing pregnancy that lasted all of three days, labour is underway!

What to call this baby was a much deliberated topic during the prenancy. I looked to one of my biggest sources of inspiration: Radiohead. Some of the runners up: cracksinthepavement (from my favourite OK Computer song Subterranean Homesick Alien, but deemed too wordy), suchachill (from the chilling Exit Music, but too much of a tonguetwister), spinningplates (after Like Spinning Plates, the live version of which frequently makes my all-time-favourite-Radiohead-track nominees, but the name was taken by a great little RH bootleg artwork site) and finally lollipopsandcrisps (taken from the haunting True Love Waits, but I figured it would just make me hungry every time I was blogging). Brokenbranches, from the brilliant track There There, stuck with me: it’s clever alliteration, the slightly sad or sinister mood it conjures up, it just felt right.

Now the name is sorted out, what will this baby look like? Well, as with most babies, we’ll just have to wait and see. But hopefully genetics will do their work and in that case, brokenbranches will be all about music! What am I listening to this week, which records made me spend all my money in Plato (again), what did I hear on the radio that made me have acid reflux, which song blew me away, what did people recommend I listen to and what am I desperately preaching about to others.

Here’s to you brokenbranches!

Radiohead – There There