Te one thing that’s keeping me hanging on throughout this dreary dismal summer, as I sit locked up in my office with no real holiday to look forward to until October, is counting the days until the Lowlands festival starts! (only 24 sleeps left…)

Every year I rally the troops and we pick a summer festival to go to. After four years of Rock Werchter, arguably one of the best European music festival, this will be our second consecutive year going to Lowlands. As soon as they start selling tickets I go into festival-mom-mode. I try and convince as many friends as possible to part with their money and sends stressed out emails about how it will surely be sold out if everybody doesn’t buy tickets soon. After that I go into the preparation phase. This involves following every website that may contain interesting rumours about the line-up religously, although even outright random guessing and chrystal ball gazing are enough to catch my attention.

Round about now, less than 4 weeks before the festival starts, most of the names are in. My iTunes continually plays songs from my ‘Lowlands 2007’ playlist and I can already imagine rocking out when The Killers remind us of When You Were Young, knowingly swaying side to side as Damien Rice tells me to let him know if he’s the one before we have Accidental Babies and leaving my everyday humdrum life behind to follow Arcade Fire to a place where No Cars Go.

This also tends to be the time I realease my festival preparation cd! I make a compilation cd (ahh for the lost art of the mix-tape…) for my festivalgoing-friends. They endulge my music nerdiness and nowadays they even ask me when it’s coming. I find the editing process cruel. I’m not a great decision maker to start with and faced with so much good music to choose from and a mere 80 minutes of cd, it’s enough to send me into a nervous breakdown. This year I allowed myself the luxury of 160 minutes with a special two disc effort!

 Check out the home made artwork, tracklisting and even (Dutch) liner notes.

 The Lowlands Lowdown 2007


 The Lowlands Lowdown liner notes

The largest part of the festival’s timetable leaked online today and I’ve seen some potentially heartbreaking choices to be made… But tomorrow the official programme will be published in the paper (Volkskrant), so I will try and stay calm until I see it in writing. To be continued…