Anybody who knows me even remotely will tell you I am not a morning person. I am not fond of beautiful sunrises, of birds cheerfully chirping, of a dawn stroll past the bakery for the smell of freshly baked bread, frankly I can do without all of that. My bed wins hands down, every time.

However, this morning I made an effort to leave my bed a bit earlier than work requires, so I had time to cycle past the news agent’s and pick up the morning paper with the Lowlands special! When I got to work I quickly got a mug of coffee, spread the paper out on the table and started studying the schedual…

Lowlands 2007 schedual 

A sigh of relief was heard across my department when I realised my three must-sees have not been programmed simultaneously: Arcade Fire, Damien Rice and The Killers.

But then, the horrible realisation of what will have to be sacrificed… Friday is undoubtedly the worst. The day starts out the way the festival will continue: a decision to be made. Do I put my dancing shoes on for some Mark Ronson or do I go admire guitar virtuosos Rodrigo y Gabriela? Probably the latter, their ‘song’ Tamacun just makes me use any piece of furniture around me as percussion. I can catch a few minutes of Just Jack before the next fork in the road: do I go for the tried and tested (and excellent live act) Editors or do I go and see the more low profile star on the horizon, My Brightest Diamond?

Temporary relief as I have no dooble bookings during Lilly Allen’s show, but sadly up and coming Air Traffic will have to be missed so I can set up house at the front of the Damien Rice concert. A Real bummer as their recently released debut Fractured Life was a very pleasant surprise, but at least I was lucky enough to catch them at Parkpop last month. Seen as I have to remain at the front of the crowd for The Killers, The Good, The Bad & The Queen will also have to be missed. Seeing Basement Jaxx for the second time would have been fun, but that’s definitely out of the question. And then, worst of all: Devendra Banhart. I was very much looking forward to seeing him in action, something tells me he’s not likely to visit Holland again any time soon…

Saturday is a bit better. I can squeeze in CSS and catch a couple of  Interpol songs before I run to Kaiser Chiefs. Looks like I’ll be missing Patrick Wolf and M.I.A. though.

Sunday has more dilemmas in store… It starts out alright with Patrck Watson (very much looking forward to that!), then a sprint should get me to New Young Pony Club in time for a decent portion of their show (hopefully in time for Hiding On The Staircase!), then next stop: The Shins! Collateral damage so far: Loney, Dear. Then a very difficult tossup between a fairytale concert with CocoRosie, some moody but excellent grooves with U.N.K.L.E. or some rock ‘n roll Kings of Leon style… But there’s more: do I go and pay a tribute to my grunge-roots with Sonic Youth or do I hop on the NME-bandwagon to see what the hype is about with Enter Shikari? Finally, one of the biggest sacrifices to be made: I’m going to have to skip Klaxons to see what is likely to be my festival highlight of 2007, Arcade Fire.

Good god I’m already exhausted just thinking about it. But even though there are some harsh decisions to be made, I can sleep easy now. It’s as if you’ve been inexplicably ill and awaiting your diagnosis: there is some peace of mind in knowing the state of things.

Only 23 more sleeps!