Take a moment for a trip down memory lane with me… What was the first music-recommendation somebody gave you when you were in your teens that made a big impression on you? A song that somebody told you you simply HAVE to listen to or an artist you can’t live without?

I remember mine clearly, probably because the recommendation was made by a slightly-too-old-for-me-and-therefore-so-cool boyfriend during one of my summers in Ireland. It was August of 1993, I was 13 (going on 14, essential when you’re that age) years old and Ireland was very proud of their latest homegrown export product: The Cranberries. Boyfriend in question asked me if I knew them and I said no. I remember the look of horror on his face, then he ran to his tape collection (yes tapes! oh the nostalgia of it all, remember buying blank tapes and pressing record and play simultaneously when your favourite song finally got played on the radio?) and immediately played me the song Linger.

Ever since, the song has been a big favourite of mine and whenever I hear it I am instantly transported to long hot summers in Ireland (yes they do exist, though admittedly I might have erased the rainy bits from memory), hanging around the park with my cousins to see the boys who we then pretended not to notice.

Although I did eventually buy one or two Cranberries records, ours was not a lasting love affair. Neither was the one with aforementioned boyfriend, though we faithfully wrote long letters until Christmas which was quite the commitment for a 14 year old! But in honour of my first decent music-advice, here’s the (pretty bad) video to Linger:

cheers Elton 🙂