The last few days I’ve been walking around with this knot in my stomach. Months ago my London-friend M. (yes pretty much all my friends are named M.) asked me to get him a ticket for the Lowlands festival. Just recently I realised we’d be traveling there separately, so he’d need his ticket with him. I sent it over to London, almost two weeks ago, but it still hasn’t arrived. Did I mention I forgot to stick a priority sticker on the envelope?…Meanwhile, Lowlands sold out within two days of the announcement there were only 5000 tickets left and ticket prices through the black market started skyrocketing. The ticket originally went for 120 (early bird reduction) – 130 euro including service fees, but an online bidding frenzy has erupted. As I write this, there is a guy offering 2 tickets for 750 euro on and there are many more around the 300 mark.

Now, not only is there the stress of the entirely likely situation the ticket won’t reach London-friend M’s letterbox until weeks after the festival, there’s the added bonus of an affordable replacement ticket being near impossible to find at this stage. And of course there’s also notoriously-late-ticketbuyer-friend R. who missed the deadline and is also without a ticket a mere 8 days before the festival.

So what’s a girl to do in festival-mom-mode with two of her nine festivalfriends are at risk of missing the party? Get desperate. My first act of desperation was listening to the radio non-stop in order to stand a chance of winning some tickets. Yesterday there was a phone-in to 3FM where you had to join in singing the insanely high pitched “Relax” by Lowlands performer Mika. Although it’s not quite my natural range I put embarrassment aside, closed my office door and dialed the number. I did actually get through, but they were looking for caller number six and that wasn’t me…

Then today I saw an advertisement for Grolsch beer, one of the main sponsors of the event. They’re selling 8-packs of beer cans with special codes underneath the lip. I figured: what harm! I was going to buy a stash of beer to take to the festival anyway, so I swung by the supermarket on my way home from work. As I got home and unloaded my shopping into the fridge and I saw some Grolsch cans already in there that I bought a week or two ago. I had forgotten about them. They were also coded, so I started entering the digits into the website and what do you know:

you’ve won!

The fourth can was the jackpot!!! “Congratulations, you have won two weekend tickets. Have fun at Lowlands!”

Unbelievable! London-friend M. and late-friend R. were thrilled to bits and so am I!!! I now believe it goes for Grolsch as it does for Guinness: “beer is good for you!”

This is the winner, isn’t she a beaut?

the winner