Oh dear. Up until now there were only a few minor cancellations in the Lowlands line-up: Peter, Bjorn and John, known for that wretchedly annoying whistle tune “Young Folks”, cancelled and were replaced by the, in my book much more interesting, Reverend and The Makers (check out their track “Heavyweight Champion of the World”).

Sadly Mark Ronson is also a no show, his slot was filled by Dutch band Alamo Race Track, who  rapidly gained an international audience when an acoustic version of their bluesy track Black Cat John Brown became a youtube hit with close to 500.000 views now, and was used in the popular McHospital show Grey’s Anatomy earlier this year.

However, the festival lost one of their big crowdpleasers last Friday when Lily Allen announced she was cancelling her show on her MySpace page. She is sick and all apologies, even showing a picture of herself holding up the doctor’s note to prove it.

 Lily’s staying in bed, doctor’s orders…

But Lily fans, fear not! Anyone who is into the whole “quirky young London girl of MySpace-fame in vintage dresses who sings catchy popsongs about her life in a tongue-in-cheek diary-confessional style” vibe can go and check out Kate Nash! Already hot property in the UK but not very well known in Holland yet.

Check out her song Foundations (love the odd socks having a lover’s tiff too):