Today it kicks off: Lowlands 2007 is here! I’m so excited I might require ritalin. In the end two more friends wanted to join in the fun, now resulting in a group of 11 of us who are going to (attempt to) claim a spot on a camp ground suitable for a small village.With all my stuff crammed into a backpack and a few bags and some time left to kill before my festival-ride arrives, there’s just enough time to list what I expect to be my festival highlights…

Arcade Fire
Finally I get to see them. Hopes: Black Wave/ Bad Vibrations, Headlights Look Like Diamonds and Neighbourhood #1 (Tunnels). Fears: the rumour that Tool might cancel due to illness, which is likely to result in the entire crowd of 55.000 coming to Arcade Fire as the alternative closing act on Sunday night….  

The Killers
I’m hoping for rhinestone tuxedos, synthesizers adorned with antlers, good views of Brandon and definitely Jenny Was a Friend of Mine, Sam’s Town, When You Were Young and the indie-club-classics Mr. Brightside and Somebody Told Me.

Damien Rice
It’s asking for trouble really, putting Damien Rice in the massive Alpha tent with only Mika as a serious competitor in the same timeslot. Rice should be seen in a smokey dingy basmentclub, the best surroundings for just a man and his guitar. But obviously I’m not going to pass up the chance to see him tomorrow! Considering he has parted ways with the wonderful Lisa Hannigan I’ll give my usual favourites Volcano and I Remember a miss. The huge tent should be suitable to give Me, My Yoke, And I a spectacular rendition though!

Patrick Watson
He’s been programmed as one of the openers on Sunday and I’m secretly hoping a lot of people will still be comatose in their tents recovering from Saturday night or simply haven’t heard of him yet, leaving me lots of space to go and get up close and personal!

Rodrigo Y Gabriela
Have been dying to see these guys in action live ever since I saw them on Jools Holland early last year. They are one of the festival openers tomorrow and are definitely my first choice to get the party started!

New Young Pony Club & Cansei de Ser Sexy
They represent two songs I just can’t get enough of: Hiding on the Staircase and Let’s Make Love and Listen Death From Above. Can’t wait to see what else they bring to the stage. I’m expecting a raunchy overexcited party on both occasions, just hope the Bravo tent isn’t too big for that…

 Lowlands logo

Will report back on Monday! In the meantime, please join me in keeping fingers, toes and all other extremities crossed for a predominantly dry weekend. It doesn’t need to be scorching hot or baked in sun, just preferably no torrential downpour….