As I sit behind my computer writing this I am all rosy cheeked and smelling like daisies after a half hour roasting post-festival shower, and munching on a big bowl of salad in a feeble attempt to make up for all the alcohol and grease consumed in the past 72 hours. But most of all I’m enjoying the happy afterglow of an absolutely amazing festival weekend!

Lowlands is such a visually stunning and well organised festival. Add to this your best friends, loads of incredible music, great festival weather (hardly any rain!), a good spot on the camp ground and 55.000 happy people around you and all of a sudden it’s clear why the ride home to dreary and grey The Hague today was such a downer: post festival depression…


The only negative thing I can think of was the ridiculous wait for the 5th camp ground to open on Thursday night, resulting in masses of people having to construct their tents in pitch dark. Other than that: three cheers for a fantastic festival!

With laundry to do and sleep to catch up on I’ll just do a quick impression of the weekend now and write a day-by-day piece later.

Best overall Lowlands performance (seen by me)
Arcade Fire!! Perhaps a bit predictable as I have been looking forward to it for so long, but true none the less. The band were having a great time, it was Régine’s birthday and she just lit up the stage, Win was mesmerising in his gloomy-yet-loveable kind of way and the setlist wasn’t very surprising but definitely satisfying.

Favourite glad-I-happened-to-pass-by-act
Sonic Youth. Never really took the time to ‘discover’ them before, but loved their set! We also stumbled into the end of Alamo Racetrack’s silent session and were very pleasantly surprised.

Sad I missed…
Devendra Banhart, Basement Jaxx, Interpol, Editors, Air Traffic, Patrick Wolf, The Rifles, UNKLE…

Loney, Dear: how many na-na-na’s can an audience endure?

Most euphoric Lowlands 2007 moment
Frenzied jumping and singing our little hearts out during The Killers’ “When You Were Young” with friends MB and MT. He doesn’t look a thing like jesus!!

Best crowd response
Rodrigo Y Gabriela: their unbelievably skilled guitar acrobatics managed to fill and rock the massive Grolsch tent despite the absence of singalong lyrics.

Most fun had whilst dancing with friends
Gabriel Rios: Cincomanos!

Weirdest gig ending
Groove Armada: the encore that never came, making for a wet blanket of a closing act in the Bravo tent.

Funniest on stage moment
Patrick Watson’s guitarist Simon Angell getting experimental with an electric toothbrush and a deflating balloon to coax some interesting sounds out of his guitar.

That’s it for now. Stay tuned for the day by day report. I also promise to embellish with lots of links to sites with audio and footage of Lowlands performances to ensure maximum afterglow effect! If you can’t wait that long, definitely check out 3voor12’s Lowlands audio & video page and also their webTV channels with lots of Lowlands broadcasting going on (you’ll just have to ignore the horrendously bad presenter twosome…).