The line-up for Saturday contained the least amount of highlights in my must-see checklist. Turbonegro just scares me, Saybia is scary too, but in a whingy whiny please-kill-me-before-I-write-another-suicide-inducing-song way. After Forever seems to be performing at every single festival and village fate I’ve ever been to, but luckily I’ve managed to avoid them so far. And Chris Cornell, seriously, what’s going on there? I had the misfortune of seeing an Audioslave gig at Rock Werchter in 2005, when the only noteworthy moments were their old Soundgarden and RATM hits. Now all of a sudden Cornell is trying the subtle sensitive approach and it’s just so gosh darn mediocre it hurts (see what Rolling Stone had to say about it here).

However, I definitely enjoyed Cansei de Ser Sexy! Arguably lead singer Lovefoxxx’ voice is not particularly memorable or consistent, but she makes up for it with buckets of charm and by bouncing around the stage as if there were an invisible pogostick attached to her rear end. and of course, who could forget that glitter catsuit? Their songs won’t make a dent in music history, their best-before-date is probably up by the end of 2007, but right now I find them irresistible. They had me singing “lick lick lick my art tit, suck suck suck my arthole!” the rest of the weekend.

Let’s Make Love And Listen Death From Above:

Gabriel Rios is another staple food on the festival diet and hard to avoid, but his shows are always a safe bet if you want some easy going latin inspired sunshine rock. It was probably the only show during the entire  festival I got all my friends to go and see and we had a ball dancing around the only half-filled Alpha tent. Watch Gabriel Rios play Tu No Me Quieres in the 3FM studio after his Lowlands gig by clicking here.

At the end of the day I had a serious dilemma: head over to Patrick Wolf or M.I.A. on my own or join my friends for the Kaiser Chiefs? I chose the latter, we watched the show from outside while lying on the grass. It was perfect! We got to sing “Oh my god I can’t believe it, I’ve never been this far away from home” without getting our bones crushed by the predominantly English crowd in the absolutely packed Alpha. Sadly though, I later heard Patrick Wolf’s show was amazing! So just to torture myself I’ll put up a video of his performance:

A clip of Teignmouth @ Lowlands (poor quality but the best I could find)

We ended our day in the Grolsch tent with the 90’s Now party, which was great fun! Just a handful of the songs we nostalgically shook our booty to: Leila K – Open Sesame / Backstreet Boys – Everybody / Shaggy – Mr. Boombastic / 2Unlimited – Get Ready For This / Scatman John – Scatman (which is my worst song in the entire world!!!) / Gala – Freed From Desire