Well, I had a lengthy debate with myself about this one: to post or not to post. A brief summary of the debate goes as follows:

  • Don’t do it! You can’t possibly get away with posting this one under ‘new albums’, it’s not even new-ish by any reasonable standard for god’s sake. You’ll ruin your budding reputation as Person Who Knows Cool New Music!
  • Sure it came out in 2005 originally, but it only officially hit European shelves two months ago. That’s definitely new-ish!
  • Yes but seriously, there has been such a ridiculous amount of media frenzy about The Gossip over the last year that only people living under rocks won’t have heard of them yet at this stage…
  • Hold on there! Some of my best friends live under rocks! Very nice cosy rocks, almost pebble like. And what if there are still some people who don’t know about The Gossip, let’s say they’ve been in Vladivostok for a year cut off from all modern communication, surely it would be a shame if they never heard this band?
  • Ok, you need to seriously think about your target audience. Vladivostok? Although I think even the local Vladivostok newsagent will probably have sold some copies of Beth Ditto’s nude NME cover issue. But I guess you have a point, for the sake of music. Plus you’ve had three days of this softie pop for gushing girls, it’s time you posted some RAWK. Get a move on then.

The Gossip - Standing IN The Way Of ControlWell there you have it, The Gossip made the blog. I’m not going to do what has already been done months ago and ten times better by others, so you can check out some decent reviews of The Gossip’s album Standing In The Way Of Control here:

And I’ll just leave you with The Song everybody needs to have on their iPods: Standing In The Way Of Control. That get-off-your-arse beat, Beth’s killer voice, it’s just perfect. You get the video version first (already excellent), but please don’t skip the best experience of all: Beth Ditto in all her animalistic live glory in the second clip!

Watch the video clip:

And then watch The Gossip rock out at Glastonbury this year:

(If this really is the first time you’ve heard anything about The Gossip and the lead singer has left you slightly in shock: just google Beth Ditto and click on one of the hundreds of blogs and message board discussions about the phenomenon that is Beth’s Bodacious Body and figure out if you’re a lover or a hater. By the way, how was Vladivostok?)