Despite feeling rather dismal after a thorough night out on the town with friend MB, I dragged myself into town again today for the ‘Haags Uitfestival‘, a festival to celebrate the opening of the new cultural season in The Hague with many showcases of theatre, music, dance, comedy and other performances to come. Aside from seeing Van Manen’s amazing dance performance ‘Simple Things’ from the NDT II dance company and a spectacular 10 minute teaser for theatre company De Appel‘s 9 hour production of Odysseus, staged in the pond in front of the parliament buildings, there was another treat: Spinvis.
(A short warning for any foreign brokenbranches visitors: the music that is about to be discussed is Dutch and may contain disturbing GGGG-sounds for those with delicate hearing!)

SpinvisSpinvis (translates as Spiderfish) is a Dutch artist whose music has been described as singer-sample-songwriter-pop. He has a ‘new’ cd out this month called Goochelaars en Geesten (Magicians and Ghosts), which is actually a compilation of B-sides and material from his side projects over the last few years.

I haven’t been able to listen to the whole thing yet, but today in town we were treated to one of the great songs on it, called Wespen op de Appeltaart (Wasps on the Apple Pie). I was standing close to a girl who was filming it and she said she would be posting it on youtube soon, so I’ll update this post with that clip as soon as I find it, but for now you can make do with the funny retro video that goes along with it (with Spinvis looking extremely frumpy!):

The song is about man in a mental insitution whose routine life between the institution walls is turned upside down when a new girl arrives. In true Spinvis style the it is full of wonderful small observations, you immediately imagine yourself at the party he’s describing.

It was originally written for the organisation of psychiatric institutions in Belgium. In a recent interview in OOR Erik de Jong (a.k.a. Spinvis) said he feels a connection to ‘crazy people’ because of their unconventional and non-conformist outlook on life and likes making songs from their perspective.

Well, this little snippet from Goochelaars en Geesten concludes this something-new-a-day theme week! Hope you enjoyed it and let me know what new stuff you’re listening to!

[Edit 14-09-07: the live clip has been uploaded to youtube! Watch it here:]