With about five weeks to go before our Californian roadtrip, I’m in charge of sorting out the essential roadtrip music. Ever since we started planning this trip my ‘Roadtrip USA’ playlist in iTunes has been gradually growing. At first it was what you’d expect: Steppenwolf’s Born To Be Wild, Canned Heat’s On The Road Again, classics for those endless highways. Then of course there’s the California vibe: you can’t do without the Beach Boys and Dick Dale! Next up are the place name anthems: the ubiquitous Eagles icon Hotel California, Scott McKenzie’s San Francisco and we’ll let Elvis accompany our detour into dusty Nevada: Viva Las Vegas!

Seen as we have an extremely ambitious 3 week roundtrip planned, we’ll probably spend more time in our ridiculously spacious Dodge Ram van than in the (sleazy budget) motel rooms. During one of our pre-trip get-togethers the idea came up that we should have a lot of corny singe-a-long tunes to get us through those long hauls. This lead to some of the most questionable songs my iTunes has had the discomfort of adding to its archive… It’s hard to even write them down with a straight face, but you’ll get the gist from this little story:

Britney told her Informer “I can’t believe The Way You Make Me Feel, when I see you I Want To Know What Love Is. But I feel a Wind Of Change coming, it’s pretty Extreme. I’ll turn  into a Super Freak, and you need to know You Can’t Touch This!” The Informer just shook his head in disbelief, sighing “It’s a Wild World…”

(Can’t help but wonder what these songs will do to my Last.fm profile 😉 )

As the Roadtrip USA Playlist started growing out of all proportions, I had to categorise the songs. So now besides ‘Roadtrip Classics’, ‘Place Name Anthems’ and ‘The Ultimate Singa-a-long Cheese Collection’, other music niches have emerged, such as: ‘Uplifting/ Montage!’ (think Friday I’m In Love), ‘The High School Years’ (think Bitter Sweet Symphony) and ‘Party Central’ (think Chelsea Dagger).

Who cares about Golden Gate Bridge, Yosemite, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon or Hollywood? Let’s just keep driving!!!

PS Any suggestions for essential roadtrip songs are very welcome: leave a comment!!