I would say about 99,9% of all my music is foreign, meaning: not made in Holland. If I’m honest, our homegrown produce just doesn’t interest me enough, put off by omni-present chart topping bands like Kane and Di-Rect. I don’t go and see many local acts and pretty much everything I buy or download has American or British roots. I recently found out this snobby outlook means I’m missing out on a very interesting underground music scene right here in my hometown.

How did I find this out you might wonder? Well that requires a little peek into an average week in the life of this brokenbranches writer. I tend to spend every Thursday night with friend MB in our local Irish pub, kickstarting the weekend with a pub quiz. On occasion we (team “Filthy Gorgeous“) are a quiz team force to be reckoned with! But most of the time we have a pint too many, get sloppy and end up somewhere in the middle of the score list…

One night we got chatting to our barman and found out he’s in a local band called NiCad with another member of the bar staff. A quick check of their website was a very pleasant surprise! Indie rock with an infusion of (experimental) electronic elements, which makes sense as they met each other studying electronic music composition at the Royal Conservatory. They put out their first full length album Everyday I Grow last year. I was struck by the diversity of their songs and compositions, which keeps you curious about what’s coming up next, without getting schizophrenic.

Check out a video for their song Sell Me Something:

There are some more youtube clips of NiCad live performances, for instance In Color, Paralyzed and personal favourite Fall Through (a live experiment). If you want to catch them live, they’re playing Havana on Wednesday night during ‘De Haagse Popweek 2007’.

This discovery definitely stirred my interest in what else is going on in The Hague and I was in luck, because our barman connection provided a compilation cd of “the underground music coming out of and around The Hague in 2007”. If your curiosity is getting the better of you too, check out (most of) the songs on this compilation, called Combine The Hague 2007, right here:

1. Doll House Drama – Sketches
download it: Doll House Drama – Sketches, visit the website, or just listen to it here: 

2. Noblesse – Walking Away
download it: Noblesse – Walking Away, visit the website, or just listen to it here:

3. Juice – Wake Up, Dreamer
download it: Juice – Wake Up, Dreamer, visit the website, or just listen to it here:

4. Pourquoi Me Reveiller – All I Want
download it: Pourquoi Me Reveiller – All I Want, visit the website, or just listen to it here:

5. NiCad – In Color
download it: NiCad – In Color, visit the website, or just listen to it here:

6. Mummy’s A Tree – A Lifetime Overseas
download it: Mummy’s A Tree – A Lifetime Overseas, visit the website, or just listen to it here:

7. Can of Be – Don Quichot
download it: Can of Be – Don Quichot, visit the website, or just listen to it here:

8. Pitch Blond – Bubblegum
download it: Pitch Blond – Bubblegum, visit the website, or just listen to it here:

9. Atombox – Hotel Paradise
download it: Atombox – Hotel Paradise, visit the website, or just listen to it here:

In conclusion: The Hague rocks much more than I realised! And it seems the brokenbranches subtitle (music obsessed ramblings from The Hague) has now taken on a new meaning.