This summer I was lucky enough to catch an open air concert of Björk in the Westerpark in Amsterdam with my two great friends MB&MB. She was just mesmerising with her special little dances and gestures and that voice that can be childlike and innocent one moment and then roar like a lion the next. The way Volta producer Damien Taylor worked his magic on the reactable was fascinating to watch and he kicked out some incredible beats. We were also very impressed by the ten Teletubby-styled women who were both the brass section and the backing choir.

I was therefore very pleased to read Björk has been recording some ‘live sessions’ with this year’s tour setup and expects to be releasing them on cd this year already! Eat that, Radiohead….

While we wait for the cd, let’s do a little summer reminiscing. Here’s Björk performing at Glastonbury this year, two weeks before the Westerpark concert. I’ve picked two of my favourite songs out of the set: Pluto and Declare Independence, both also really showcase the use of the reactable!!


Declare Independence (raise your flag!!!)