There I was, 1 AM in the morning Dutch time, sitting in front of waiting for this whole downloading business to kick off. But no, the boys decided to get some sleep first and start the downloading ’10 AM-ish’ according to a late press release yesterday. Damnation! So off to bed I went too, but luckily I found my cherished download-link in my inbox first thing this morning. 

Although I have no idea why anyone wouldn’t have snapped up this opportunity to download In Rainbows for (next to) nothing, there might be some lazy sods out there who would still like to listen to the album before dowloading it:

15 Step



Weird Fishes Arpeggi

All I Need

Faust Arp


House of Cards

Jigsaw Falling Into Place


Right, I’m off to the office, where I intend to lock the door and set my iPod to repeat for the next 8 hours…