RH Amsterdam 08

Well my friend MB certainly knows how to brighten a day dominated by excrutiatingly boring work meetings, he called me to tell me the fantastic news that Radiohead have now confirmed an Amsterdam date for their 2008 tour!!

Westerpark is continuing the concept it launched this year with a number of consecutive outdoor concerts in the park and Radiohead is the first name announced for 2008, they’ll be playing there on July1st. This year I saw two excellent shows in Westerpark: Scissor Sisters and Bjork, and with Radiohead now in the bag it seems this new festival has established itself with a bang.

Ticket sales start this Saturday, it should be interesting to see what they’ll cost considering I saw an estimate of 175,- euro (!!!) for the show at Malahide Castle in Dublin. Last year’s shows cost around 40,- / 45,- euro, but let’s be honest, I’ll be lined up in front of the post office in the freezing cold Saturday morning regardless..

Click on the picture to see the other Radiohead tour dates announced:

RH tour 2008