Over Christmas I paid a flash visit to my family in Ireland, my home away from home. Even though I was just there a few days it was wonderfully relaxing and loads of fun, compiled of the main ingredients carbohydrate, alcohol and wrapping paper.

As I sat blissfully slumped in a corner of a downtown pub surrounded by some of my cousins and a collection of empty bottles of Bulmers, I quizzed them about anything up & coming on the Irish music front. They agreed I should listen to a band called Bell X1.

At first I thought I’d never heard of them, but then I realised this is the remainder of the band Juniper, in which Damien Rice used to be the vocalist. Apparently after his departure the band did a shuffle, with drummer Paul Noonan taking on a new rol as lead singer. They’ve already released three studio albums: Neither Am I [2000], Music In Mouth [2003] and Flock [2005]. Currently the band have a live album out, recorded at The Point in Dublin, called Tour De Flock.

Their last single Bad Hair Day, about wollowing in self pity but promising yourself one day you’ll do better, was a good introduction to the band for me:

But when I found the video for their 2004 single Eve, The Apple Of My Eye, I was sold. Judge for yourselves: