Kate Nash is just so goddamn adorable! Last night in Paradiso she managed to charm the socks off everyone, girls and boys alike. Her witty and clever songs hold their own on stage, not in the least because of her back up band, who give the compositions a bit more ‘oomph’. I was also pleasantly surprised how they played all the up tempo songs a couple of beats faster, turning songs like Mariella and Merry Happy into near-dancetracks.

She’s also more than able to hold the attention of the audience when playing acoustic songs on the guitar. She treated us to a few new ones, one of them named “I hate seagulls”, which had lyrics about all the likes and dislikes of Kate in her trademark style. There was also a new temper tantrum song inspired by a crap party, called Model Behaviour (listen to it on her myspace), with the catchy chorus “you don’t need to suck dick to succeed”. Indeed.


Perhaps I should try and summarize the night in Kate Nash lyric style:
I like girls in pretty green dresses
and girls who don’t care if their hair messes
up and aren’t afraid to scream out loud,
they win the hearts of all the crowd

Watch a clip of Foundations from last night.

Watch the whole concert on fabchannel soon!

(By the way, Mystery Jets were great as opening act! Mental not to self: keep track of said Jets.)