I try and keep my Radiohead compulsions under wraps, to prevent brokenbranches becoming a delirious fanblog.  I haven’t got much in the way of objectivity when it comes to these Oxford lads, what’s more, there are so many people that already do a fantastic job keeping their finger on the pulse of all things Radiohead.

However (I’m sure you could see that coming), I feel the overwhelming need to put up this video of Radiohead performing Bangers ‘n Mash in Nigel Godrich’s basement because, well, it kicks arse basically. You work that drumkit Thom! (And Phil too of course.) I suggest you turn up the volume and hit play.

(Go directly to Pitchfork.tv for a better quality version)

While you’re at it, might as well have a look at their new official video for Nude, especially if you’re into grown men having slow motion pillow fights. Nude is incidentally available in pieces for fans to remix and submit into a competition, how cool is that?