As I was paging through my blogstats the other day (any blogging person out there will recognise this near daily ritual), all of a sudden in dawned on me: tomorrow, July 23rd, brokenbranches celebrates it’s first birthday!! It’s hard to believe a year passed so quickly! Turns out blogging and me took to each other very naturally, it’s never felt like a chore.

When I started brokenbranches it was a bit of an experiment. I was looking for a way to do something with the main thing that gets me going every day: music! But I’m also a full time office slave and I was up against my notorious lack of discipline, which, for example, ensured the writing of my thesis was a two year process. Sure there have been times brokenbranches was in dire need of a fresh post (notably The Blogging Drought of June 2008, brought on by a slight romantic preoccupation of the author), but generally speaking writing has been a pleasure.

So how can I summarise brokenbranches’ first year of existence? Since July 2007 brokenbranches sent a total of 71 posts into cyberspace (take into consideration the author spent two blogless months lolling about in the US and New Zealand) and got checked out by readers over 12,000 times! That’s definitely something I never expected 12 months ago. The average amount of hits went from 22 a day in August of 2007, to 61 this month. Not bad for a little music blog that hardly promotes itself I would say.

The busiest day was July 3rd of this year, when a total of 179 people dropped by and most of them were interested in the review of the Radiohead show in Westerpark: A super collision with Radiohead. October of last year was brokenbranches’ traffic peak. Over 3000 people paid a visit that month, largely due to an extraordinary interest in the lyrics to the song “Dom, Lomp & Famous” by Dutch hiphop act The Opposites featuring Dio & Willie Wartaal. This post, which also gets the award for “most commented on”, caused a second surge of traffic in January of 2008. At that time the song caused some controversy in France because some people considered the video to be discriminating the French. The debate, which continues to this day, can be found in the video comments on France’s version of Youtube: Dailymotion.

Inspired by Ronald van den Berg’s incredible Radiohead tourstats, I’ve created the dorkiest of piecharts, breaking down the content of the posts on brokenbranches:  

So basically I spend most of my time rambling on about new discoveries, followed by a lot of general music banter, then I obsess about Lowlands a lot and finally I write about the concerts I’ve been to and my undying love for all things Radiohead.

In the category “Most hateful comments received” there is a clear winner: the Peter Corry post. Regular readers will acknowledge I rarely post anything that could be considered bashing or vicious about any artists or music. In this sense the Peter Corry post is unique, it’s probably the nastiest piece of writing on the site. However, I stick by every word of it and I secretly cherish the vengeful comments made by people that felt it necessary to jump to Peter Corry’s defence. It’s also a joy to see that the commenters still keep a close check on any developments in the post, as is clear from my blog stats. Thank you for your repeat custom! I might reply eventually…

Well brokenbranches, here’s to you! May you live a long and musical life. As a birthday present here’s the weird and wonderful new Radiohead video for House Of Cards. No camera’s were used in this video, it’s all a lot of 3D plotting technology abracadabra which is explained here.