And just like that it’s finished. You’re back home, knackered and slightly out of touch with reality, head and heart still firmly fixed on the last four days of festival euphoria. There are the obvious advantages, your own shower which offers you more than a slight drizzle to wash your hair under, your own bed which doesn’t self deflate in the middle of the night to name but two. But even these delights don’t make up for the mild case of post-festival-depression that has set in.

So what better way to desperately cling onto the festival buzz than by spending hours reviewing and flashbacking? There will be a day by day report soon, for now, just like last year, here’s a summary of the Lowlands 2008 experience from a brokenbranches perspective.

Best overall Lowlands performance (seen by me)
Hands down: Blood Red Shoes. They hit me straight in the gut, what a performance!!

Favourite glad-I-happened-to-pass-by-act
The Opposites, I popped into the Bravo right at the end of their show and was lucky enough to catch the song that got brokenbranches a lot of blog traffic: Dom Lomp & Famous. They had everyone yelling at the top of their lungs, right to the back of the tent. Good stuff!

Sad I missed…
Late Of The Pier (heard they killed), The Flaming Lips (alas, no pink robots), Ane Brun (too damn early), N*E*R*D* (you can’t be me, I’m a rockstar!!), Le Le (although I heard mixed reviews), No Age (tipped by both Blood Red Shoes and Los Campesinos!), Yeasayer & The Hives (just too much to choose from) …

I’m sad to say: MGMT. I had such high expectations, but found the whole experience a bit lacklustre. Partly because they played all The Big Ones right up front in the set, when the crowd was still settling in.

Most euphoric Lowlands 2008 moment
It’s a toss up between Does It Offend You, Yeah? setting the X-Ray on fire with Let’s Make Out and dEUS’ excellent performance of Instant Street.

Best crowd response
When the entire Alpha audience kept singing “This fire is out of control, we’ve got to burn this city!” at the Franz Ferdinand gig. And again: the mayhem in the X-Ray during Does It Offend You, Yeah?

Most fun had whilst dancing with friends
Gogol Bordello: Harem In Tuscany!

Most awkward gig
Nightwish, these poor Finnish gothrockers had trouble filling even half the Alpha tent, even though there was no major act programmed in the same timeslot.

Best dancing
Santogold’s two amazing back up singers did some of the coolest synchronised moves I’ve ever seen. And of course: Ms. Roisin Murphy is the dance diva extraordinaire.

Best and worst covers
Best: Lykke Li nicely worked a bit of Vampire Weekend’s Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa into a mix with her Dance Dance Dance, it was better than the cover of the Tribe’s Can I Kick It in the encore. Also Get Well Soon’s version of the Underworld classic Born Slippy is a must-check-out!
Worst: not so keen on Hot Chip’s incorporation of Sinéad O’Connor’s Nothing Compares To You into their set.

Funniest camping moment
The spontaneous skipping and sack races that took place on the path right in front of our little camp!