A mix tape is arguably the best gift you could give me. I don’t mean any old random compilation or “best of”, I mean the carefully-crafted-straight-from-the-musical-heart strings variety. It’s not often (at least not in the brokenbranches universe) someone takes the time to sit down and think about what kind of music you would love and why. To me, making a mix tape is like baring your soul to someone. If anything, my music is what defines me. It makes me who I am, it tells the attentive listener all they might want to find out about me. So when you hand pick a selection of songs for someone, it’s like saying “I’m like this, I think you’re a bit like this too and that’s why I’m hoping you’ll love this song with as much abandon as I do!!”. My dad used to make mix tapes all the time and would call them “Warm Aanbevolen”, meaning something like “lovingly recommended”, which is a perfect description as far as I’m concerned.

Recently I was lucky enough to receive a mix tape, well, the 2008 equivalent: three burnt cd’s worth of mix tape, from a friend. We got to know each other because of a similar taste in music, so I couldn’t wait to get listening to what he had picked out for me. As expected he was spot on, many of the songs made their way straight to my “core playlist”. You know, those songs you never get tired of and just play over and over relentlessly. The mix tape made quite the impression, I can’t count how many times I thought “How do I not know this band/ song???”.

As you might have guessed I’m going to give you a little taste of the musical delights on the magical mix tape, but just a smidgeon. Truth is I’d rather keep them all to myself…
There’s a bit of old and a bit of new, all of it beautiful. Go raibh maith agat CR!

The Helio Sequence – Hallelujah

Gotye – Heart’s A Mess

The Innocence Mission – Bright As Yellow