Yes yes y’all, brokenbranches is still in mash-mode and has some more magic mix-ups for you in the form of Jaydiohead. New York based hip hop producer Minty Fresh Beats had a magnificent brainwave when he decided to put Jay-Z and Radiohead in a cocktail shaker, the result is amazing!

There’s a Jaydiohead site where you can download all ten (!) mashups. Here’s the tracklist:

01 Wrong Prayer
02 99 Anthems
03 No Karma
04 Lucifer’s Jigsaw
05 Optimistic Moment
06 Dirt Off Your Android
07 Dreaming Up
08 Change Order
09 Fall In Step
10 Ignorant Swan

The songs are mainly composed by putting Jay-Z’s raps over a revised Radiohead track, with the odd Thom Yorke lyric popping up. Most of them are right on the money, but the stand out track has got to be the divine concoction of Jay-Z’s 99 Problems and Radiohead’s doom-and-gloomy National Anthem to make 99 Anthems.

Download it here: Jaydiohead-99-Anthems

Listen to it here: