Photos thanks to Woes van Haaften

That’s basically all there is to do at a Friendly Fires gig: shake it right down. The fiery four piece live band from St. Albans, England definitely had all the indie kids shaking what their moma’s gave them in the Melkweg tonight.

Delightfully disco, synthesizingly danceable, hysterically eighties but right at home in the naughties, Friendly Fires’ self titled debut album packs a powerful pop punch in under 40 minutes. Sadly this meant they left the crowd wanting with their equally short set, but what’s to complain when you’ve been treated to the likes of Lovesick, Jump In The Pool, new single Skeleton BoyFotobooth, On Board, the awesome White Diamonds and well chosen set closer Paris.

Lead singer Ed Macfarlane infectiously girates his way across the stage in a Prince-come-Pelle-Almqvist fashion, all the while managing to deliver the vocals in tune. The band as a whole seemed really into the concert and gave a very energetic performance, which was copied by the first few rows of the audience by bouncing all over the place.

The encore Ex Lover was probably the weakest song of the night, but it was the only one off the album left to play. What a shame they didn’t take the opportunity to play the irresistible Bring Out Your Dead from their 2007 Cross The Line EP, then it would have been sheer perfection.

Check out some excellent shots of the Friendly Fires and their support act Heartbreak in action, thanks to Woes van Haaften.