Take Patrick Watson‘s soundscapy experiments, add some falsetto Antony Hegarty come Jeff Buckey vocals, warm strings, electronic glitches and bells,  slightly unsettling multi layered vocal arrangements and you might get an idea of what DM Stith‘s debut album Heavy Ghost sounds like. I am entirely seduced.

Mr. Stith’s social circle includes the Asthmatic Kitty family, with its delightful head honcho Sufjan Stevens being responsible for getting him into the lime light.You could easily mistake this startling debut for a mere side project, as he is also a prolific graphic designer. You can admire his work accompanying his blog entries, as well as many cookery tips.

Do do do go and stream the entire album Heavy Ghost for free through Muxtape. At this moment I’m lapping up every track, but keep a definite ear out for Pigs, Morning Glory Cloud and first single Pity Dance.

DM Stith – Pity Dance

DM Stith – Isaac’s Song