I recently indulged in my listmania by making a brokenbranches “gigography”. If I can’t be a band with tour dates, I’ll make do with compiling a complete list of all the shows I’ve ever been to! It borders on OCD, but it’s also quite educational. For instance, I realised that I was about to have my sixth encounter with Adam Duritz & co tonight: Counting Crows.

Trusty CC concert friend MBr remarked that one of the first things we always talk about after their shows is  “Adam seemed very [insert mood] tonight!” and I had to agree. The atmosphere of a CC show can vary significantly depending on the particular state of being of frontman Duritz on the night. And tonight we were in luck!

Adam and the other Crows all seemed in high spirits, which made for a very lively and energetic gig. It was the first date in a limited set of European tour dates and they were up for it. Cowboys is one of my favourite songs off their latest album Saturday Nights & Sunday Mornings and a perfect set opener.

Soon after followed one of Hard Candy‘s highlights, Miami, which Adam took his time introducing. “This song is about crushing the people you love. You can have everything and nothing all at the same time and if you make the wrong choice it all goes away”.

We were treated to a sturdy rocking version of Angels of the Silences, but towards the middle of the set there was a bit of a lull with Time And Time Again and a somewhat strained Mr. Jones. The beautiful Colorblind more than made up for this, although this song is almost too delicate for the vastness of Ahoy.

About half way through Adam greets the crowd, “It took me nine songs to say hello!”, and explains how he had a nasty fall just before the show, watching support act The Hold Steady, taking the skin right off the inside of one leg. “Now it hurts like fuck, and I do not give a damn! I’m not having my ass blown off stage by The Hold Steady (who’s praises he sang earlier), we are gonna fukcing rock!”, this was received by a massive roar from the audience.

The remainder of the set contained a few gems, Anna Begins springs to mind, and also Washington Square in the encore. Holiday In Spain was the other song in the encore, in which Adam managed to sing one sentence in Dutch (“Ik neem Spanje als besluit” in stead of “Take a holiday in Spain”), referring to the collaboration with Dutch band and friends Blof. He even said the Dutch Edison music award is the only award that sits in his bedroom and means anything to him “because my friends gave it to me”.

As the band stayed on stage when the end-of-gig tune California Dreaming came on and encouraged a singalong, I decided I’d be more than happy to give Counting Crows a seventh date on the brokenbranches gigography in the not too distant future.

Here are some great pictures of the show thanks to Hans Kreutzer, scroll further down for the complete setlist.




01 Cowboys
02 Children in Bloom
03 Miami
04 Up All Night
05 Angels of the Silences
06 Catapult
07 Time And Time Again
08 Mr. Jones
09 Colorblind
10 On Almost Any Sunday Morning
11 Anna Begins
12 New Frontier
13 Hanging Tree
14 A Long December
15 Come Around
16 Washington Square
17 Holiday in Spain