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You might have notived brokenbranches’ recently rekindled affections for stadium rock bands of the nineties (I was very happy to score some tickets for Pearl Jam’s August show yesterday), and I can’t help but wonder: am I getting on a bit? I recently read that your music choices in life have pretty much been determined by the age of 30, after that people don’t really absorb new music anymore. This theory leaves me with 5 months to do my last discoveries, and so it was I ended up in Paradiso last night to whitness Adrew Bird in action.

For some reason I’d never really looked into Mr. Bird, I had heard a few songs, but they didn’t really stick. However, music friend C assured me he was well worth going to see live, and that’s enough for me. Paradiso was jam packed and temperatures had already reached tropical levels when second support act Laura Marling took to the stage. I really like her music, but her acoustic set sadly all but drowned in the noisy venue.

Andrew Bird3

As a newbie to the Andrew Bird live experience it was great to see how he builds up each song on the spot. In under a minute he’ll easily record six loops to accompany himself, anything from a whistled melody to hand clap rhythms to a violin plucked tune, very impressive indeed.

It struck me as a kind of musical paint by numbers, with all the different elements in place amounting to great compositions. Andrew’s vocals seem more like one of the many elements of the composition than the main focus of the songs, which I found very refreshing.

Andrew Bird2

A few of the songs that really struck me were Why?, Anonanimal and A Nervous Tic Motion Of The Head To The Left, but I will be definitely looking into more of his material. Luckily there were some committed youtubers out there to relive some of the evening, check out the clips below thanks to StartBeginning:

A Nervous Tic Motion Of The Head To The Left

Dr. Stringz / Fake Palindromes