Great news for all the Montreal indie scenesters who have been quietly wheeping since the split of their beloved Unicorns; welcome Clues! Clues consists of Alden Penner (ex-Unicorns), Brandon Reed (ex-Arcade Fire) and Ben Borden, Lisa Gamble, and Nick Scribner “from the Montreal art and music scenes” (according to the bio on Constellation Records’ website). Dirty guitars, weird lyrics, great drums, unconventional songs, catchy hooks, Montreal quirkiness, it’s all rather exciting.

They’ve taken a decidedly old school approach to promotion, gigging their way around the place to get the word out in stead of myspace viral marketing. Their self titled album came out last week and they’re touring North America in May and June.

Here’s hoping festival programmers have taken notice and a small European leg will be added to the tour dates over the summer!

Download two of their album tracks here:

Clues – Remember Severed Head
Clues – Perfect Fit

Watch the video for Haarp on the Constellation website and see the band  perform Perfect Fit in LA last February: