Eddie - Thom

I am adopting kittens. Two tiny furball brothers. And though this might seem entirely unrelated to the usual brokenbranches banter, it is not. You see, when time came to name these two little fellas I automatically looked for references in the music domain. 

I weighed several options (Simon & Garfunkel? Bo & Diddley? Daft & Punk?), but there really wasn’t much competition for the final choice: Eddie and Thom, who’ve been with me since high school. Eddie the kitten is a bit of a daredevil, falling off sofas and getting into more trouble than his siblings. Thom the kitten is a more introspective chap and dare I say clumsy, but he does like to explore his surroundings.

As it happens, the real Eddie and Thom have both been very productive the last week and produced some fresh tracks. Pearl Jam have just uploaded The Fixer, first single for upcoming album Backspacer to their myspace. Thom Yorke performed solo at the Latitude Festival, looking particularly scruffy by the by, and sang a new song called The Present Tense . 
I do hope my two boys turn out to be as entertaining as their namesakes!

Pearl Jam – The Fixer

Thom Yorke – The Present Tense