PJ aug09

[See below for setlist]

I was a wee brokenbranches when I first encountered the raw Vedder vibe live, bareley seventeen years of age. Although I was at the concert with my high school sweetheart, I remember only having eyes for one man and he was a blur of testosterone, flanel and hair up on stage. The whole experience had me feeling very woozy I recall.

Tonight, 13 more years of maturity under my belt, not much had changed. There he was, same curly long hair, same contorted face while he sings, hanging out of the mic stand. And there’s that amazing band. I love the fact Pearl Jam always play a decent dose of the old stuff to get the crowd going, none of this “we’re only playing our latest” crap.

Eddie by Frank Meeuwsen
Picture thanks to Frank Meeuwsen

And the crowd lapped it up, every last note. There were one or two songs from their upcoming album Backspacer as well as oldies, such as the seldom played Brother from the Ten era, and everything in between. Twenty eight (!) songs worth. They had me right from the start by opening with Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town, a personal favourite I’d never heard live before. Great choice for opener as well: as Eddie sang “I just wanna scream helloooo”  the house lights came on to greet everyone.

Eddie was quite chatty, telling a funny story about how there were people waiting outside their hotel. The band was bummed they didn’t have time to talk to them or sign anything so they just greeted them in passing. Turns out it was just a bunch of people standing in line for the bus, “we were very embarrassed, but they were so friendly, asking ‘hey how are you?'”.

Eddie by Frank Meeuwsen2
Picture thanks to Frank Meeuwsen

Black was introduced with the words “This is what happens when you fall in love with a Dutch girl”, and Wish List had some extra lyrics at the end: “I wish I wasn’t a travelling man, I’d settle in Rotterdam”. Towards te end of the show he also said “It might be another three years before we see eachother, or it might be a year and a half”, followed by a pause and then “..or maybe ten days..” which immediately lead into the first encore Life Wasted.

This last remark has already surfaced on Twitter as a possible reference to Lowlands! Here’s hoping, cause I certainly wouldn’t say no to another helping of Pearl Jam. During both (lengthy) encores they had the entire stadium up on their feet screaming for more, a really great night in Ahoy.

See you in ten days!?

01  Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town
02  Last Exit
03  Animal
04  The Fixer (single from upcoming album)
05  Given To Fly
06  Severed Hand
07  Why Go
08  Dissident
09  Brother
10  Gone
11  Even Flow
12  Wishlist
13  Nothing Man
14  1/2 Full
15  Black
16  Got Some (from upcoming album)
17  Go
[encore 1]
18  Life Wasted
19  Better Man
20  Daughter
21  Lukin
22 Comatose
23  Alive
[encore 2]
24  You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away (Lennon & McCartney cover)
25  Love Reign O’er Me
26  Evolution
27  The Real Me (The Who cover)
28  Yellow Leadbetter