Florence and the Machine @LL09

It is done. The tents are back in their carrier bags, empty plastic cups are strewn around the desolate looking terrain, the neon lights no longer illuminate the festive music carnaval that was Lowlands 2009 for these past three days. All that remains now is a an aching bodies, bags full of  clothes impregnated with dust, sweat and beer and a feeling of satisfied exhaustion.

Before I crash and burn I felt I should post my festival highlights in this state of near sleep, so I can’t spend too much time deliberating about their precise order. I saw 22 shows in three days (when I say “saw” I only count the ones I watched for at least 2/3 of the set). Out of those 22 I have to say not one was a big disappointment (is that the afterglow talking?) and many were memorable.

Without further ado, the brokenbranches top 5 acts at Lowlands 2009:

5.  The Maccabees
4.  Basement Jaxx
3.  Fanfarlo
2.  Grizzly Bear
1.  Florence and the Machine (the no. 1 by miles, devastatingly good!)

Stay tuned for day by day brokenbranches reviews!