After running around the terrain like a blue arsed fly on Friday I was very happy to see the Saturday lineup afforded me a bit more down time. I soaked up some sun for a while, listening to a floating opera singer dressed in umbrellas, how refreshing!


DeVotchKa gave the musical kick start to my day, and what a great way to get in the festival swing of things again. Sunshine, the newly opened up Lima stage and a sousaphone, what more could you want? Frontman Nick Urata’s vocals were hard to hear, but maybe that was because I was right in front of the stage. As expected, they closed with the beautiful How It Ends, much to the crowd’s delight.


When I looked back at the end of DeVotchKa’s show there was a strange sight to be seen, the entire field surrounding the Grolsch stage had become one congealed mass of immobile people all facing one way. Sure enough it was time for Lowlands’ worst kept secret suprise act, Them Crooked Vultures.
How strange to have such a massive turnout for a band nobody even knows yet. The only glimpses I got of the band were over a hairy nude back on the outside screen, but the sound had no problem reaching far and wide. QOTSA II anybody? It had that pleasing sharp and sturdy Homme sound and the animalistic Grohl drums, but I missed some catchy hooks to lure you into the songs. Memorable Homme quote: “It’s hotter than a klootzak in here!”.

photo: 3voor12

I decided to follow a few friends to Maximo Park afterwards, who were optimistically booked in the Alpha tent to say the least: it was barely half full. I finally figured out why the Maximo Park bug never got a hold of me, the songs just aren’t that great. Which is kind of sad, as it’s a decent band and singer Paul Smith is a natural born entertainer. The tragedy of being a great frontman in a mediocre band.

photo: 3voor12

If there were any doubts about Dutch sensation Kyteman and his Hiphop Orchestra justifying an Alpha slot, they were smashed to smithereens by thousands and thousands of festival goers pooring in and spreading out all around the tent. Kyteman has arrived, and so has his massive on stage posse, including a huge choir for the occasion.
I watched the whole spectacle from the top of the hill, and even from there it was impressive. Even though musically it’s a bit all over the place, the sheer enthusiasm and collective talent of the people involved pulls you right through. They pulled it off with gusto, well done.

photo: 3voor12

As Kyteman wraps up the sun sets on Lowlands and it’s time to shake some limbs, who better to shake them up for you than Basement Jaxx? Is their music a tad hysterical? Yes. Should producers Buxton and Ratcliffe refrain from singing temselves? Probably. Did anybody care on Saturday night? God no. They blew the roof off the Grolsch with their sample insanity and I jumped right the way through their set. They left the crowd begging for more, that’s how it’s done.