You’ve got to hand it to the innovative folks at Dutch copyright organisation Buma/Stemra, they’ve done it! They’ve found a clever way to battle all this file sharing malarky the kids seem to be so caught up in these days. I mean, the whole “internet thing” has onviously gotten way out of hand and somebody needs to step up to the plate.

By making interwebbers pay an alltogether reasonable fee, starting at 130,- euro for 6 embedded YouTube videos, they’ve managed to crack down on all those morally bankrupt people stealing material from its rightful owners.

In fact, I have some additional suggestions for Buma/Stemra. Just today I saw two people in the train sharing the two ear plugs connected to a single iPod. Best case scenario one of them might have paid for that music, but what about the other one? Perhaps train ticket collectors could be authorised to issue fines for this sort of blatant theft.

Another great idea comes frome a fellow concerned Buma/Stemra supporter, posted on this website. His suggestion is that the organisation should further explore the cash potential of ringtones and frequency of use. If a chatterbox gets more phonecalls than average, transmitting the ringtone more frequently, why not charge him more for its use?

Oh and Buma/Stemra, if you choose to implement any of the above mentioned ideas, I will be expecting compensation at a rate of let’s say 130,- euro per person fined/ charged additional costs. Are we good?

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