Thoughts whilst on my own waiting for a gig to start:

  • Must find a good spot. Now that socialising is not a factor I should at least see the band properly.
  • Must check my email. And Twitter. And Facebook.
  • Ok, try not to look self conscious.
  • God these two girls in front of me never shut up!
  • Why does the woman in the pink mumu keep looking at me?
  • People must think I’m some sort of social outcast! No no, there are many completely normal reasons I could be here alone. Maybe the person I was going with suddenly died. Hmm that’s a bit dramatic. Swine flu perhaps.
  • Wow that Dave Grohl of a guy over there is cute!
  • Have I checked my mail yet?
  • Right, I am now embracing my new found coolness as lone gig attendee. I am an independent cultured young woman about town.
  • Is mumu lady trying to cruise me!?
  • Maybe I should write all of this down.
  • Oo now I might look like some hip music journalist type who goes to gigs alone all the time, professionally. Excellent!
  • I should check my mail.

And what was the actual gig you might wonder? It was Grizzly Bear at the Melkweg and it was wonderful! Opener Southern Point was stunning and towards the end Foreground was breathtaking, not a noise in the room.

But I have realised that when it comes to this Brooklyn foursome there is only so much of their dream sequence soundscapesque harmonious ooh- ing and ahh-ing I can take before I crave one of Daniel Rossen’s lead vocal songs that at least resembles the concept of a song and has vaguely intelligible lyrics.

Other than that: fantastic!