Saturday night Hot Chip played in Paradiso headlining the fourth night of the Five Days Off festival. I’ll keep my review short, because in all honesty I was too busy jumping around the place to pay serious editorial attention to detail.

What I can say is that it was short and sweet: they came saw and conquered Amsterdam in under 90 minutes. They seemed to have some technical glitches at the beginning (can’t be easy fine-tuning 7 synthesizers) and as for stage presence they’re definitely not in the top 10 most charismatic acts out there. But when you manage to get people all the way to the back of the room shaking their behinds, I would say “who cares?”.

They played a good mix of old & new, thankfully leaving out most of the more mellow songs from their latest release One Life Stand. From that album I really enjoyed We Have Love and I Feel Better, but Ready For The Floor, Hold On and of course One Pure Thought from Made In The Dark also got a great reception. The ultimate Hot Chip classic Over And Over caused a minor earthquake, and even included a crowdsurfer.

‘Tis a strange phenomenon, this Hot Chip. A peculiar combination of understated vocals, at times rather soppy lyrics and then these thumping beats that are so incredibly well made and seductive. I suppose it’s exactly this paradox that makes them quite special. Amsterdam loved it and judging by the band’s twitter so did they: “The crowd is always so nice there!”