First things first: I expected worse. I was prepared for Sophie’s Choice galore, but turns out this year’s Lowlands timetable is not altogether horrendous! So I guess, as opposed to my ‘letter of complaint’ of 2009, this year a Thank You is in order for the timetable people at Lowlands. But let’s get down to the nitty gritty.


We kick off with a dilemma. To open the festival experience with the fierce rock raucus of Triggerfinger, or Band of Skulls? (why on earth give these two the same time slot!?)  Seen as Triggerfinger hail from Belgium there will probably be plenty of opportunity to see them live, so the Skulls might just win it. Off to Alpha for a date with Holland’s hip hop finest The Opposites & co, should be a great gig to get the festival atmosphere going. Then one of my must-sees for this year: Scottish band Frightened Rabbit, with a quick dash across the road to Broken Bells (although I have no idea why they booked BB for the massive Alpha tent, that does not bode well…).

Bit of a conundrum around 7 when Caribou, Jonsi and later Ginger Ninja and Air collide… Caribou will definitely get a look in though! For nigh time entertainment Groove Armada is always a safe bet, although I don’t expect to be surprised by their set. Might go and check out the trippy Australians from Tame Impala first.

Frightened Rabbit


There is a remote possibilty I’ll be up early enough to catch Dutch laid back groove doctors The Q4, but being realistic it will probably be Laura Marling who wakes me up with her gentle folk mumblings. Then there is a road block. Go to see one of my faves Foals, who I already caught in Tivoli a short while ago, or head over to the X-Ray for a close encounter with Jack Parow‘s addictive Afrikaans raps?.. I know I know, I’ll just run back and forth between Bravo and X-Ray! Yeah right. Even I can’t resist the banjo storm that Mumford & Sons whip up so that will be the next stop, then some punking out at Blood Red Shoes and some voice acrobatics with Marina and her Diamonds. The next major decision will most likely be determined by my mood. I would love to see Villagers in Charlie, such an appropriate spot to see their precious songs, however… If it’s manic beat frenzy I’m after there’s only one place to go: to Bravo for some ear drum abuse with the Bloody Beetroots!

Local Natives is high up on the must-see list in India, which means yet again I’ll be missing Anouk. Won’t be losing any sleep over that one. However: how to choose between LCD Soundsystem and Miike Snow? I was really looking forward to mr. Snow and companions, but LCD is bound to be a party of ginormous proportions in Grolsch! The only thing that is beyond any doubt, is that Beach House will be singing my bedtime lullabies towards the end of this frantic Saturday, can’t wait.

Beach House


No rest for the wicked! It’s up on onwards and if there’s any energy left in me I want to start the day dancing with my fellow Lowlanders in the Bravo with Maxim Hartman (a bit like this). And continuing along the lines of cheesiness, something I have to see is Serj Tankian‘s ridiculously pretentious rock opera with the Metropole Orkest, should be amusing at the least. Something tells me I’ll appreciate Surfer Blood or Moss even more after that experience, all leading up to one of the festival favourites: Yeasayer. I have to get a look at the Pendulum mosh pit later, and then get into a moody melancholy mode with The National. Only to be shook up by the zesty zef rhymes from Ninja and Yo-Landi: Die modderfokkin Antwoord!!!

If my route allows, I will be sure to throw some rotten tomatoes at Jared Leto and his Thirty Seconds to Mars outfit on my way to Delphic. Or should I pop into Grolsch to see The xx after all? No, I think this is a bandwagon I’m skipping. I’d rather scrape together what oomph I have left for some serious dancing with Hot Chip! But then: mental beats with the nutty Hudson Mohawke or peppy pop with Two Door Cinema Club? Oh well, all will be decided by the time I head over to Massive Attack (Tear Drop with Martina Topley Bird pretty please!!). As for the piece de resistance, the festival closer, there is a final choice to be made: exotic upbeat tunes from Fool’s Gold or the grimy groin rocking goodness of Queens of the Stone Age? Argghh… I decide… procrastination!

Hot Chip