Twelve hours from now we’ll be in the car, packed like sardines & Lowlands tunes thumping on the stereo on our way to the coolest traffic jam of the year, can’t wait! This year I’m even more excited than usual, because I know the surprise we’ll unleash on our festival gang tomorrow night! When we’re all pitched up on our little camp site and huddled under the ‘communal tent’ with a well deserved beer, the moment will be there to unveil the ultimate in Lowlands merchandise: LLOWNOPOLY!

Last year’s merchandise project resulted in the rather awesome Llowly Planet festival guide, but this year we’ve turned it up a notch and produced an entire board game! All of the parts can be seen in detail and downloaded here. We’ve done a radical overhaul on the classic Monopoly using the festival terrain map as a game board, the stages and facilities in stead of streets and many hilarious festival related questions and dares in stead of chance and community chest cards. I’ve already had a few people downloading it to take with them to Lowlands too, would be awesome to see other playing it on the camp site!

I’m off to finish packing, and will report back on Monday in ridiculous detail. Meanwhile I leave you with a helpful instruction video “How to pitch your tent on the festival camp site”.