Today was the day you could finally get your greedy mits on the real deal: the physical tangible huggable edition of Radiohead’s latest album The King Of Limbs. And if you were lucky enough to be near one of the selected major cities you could have scored the free newspaper that accompanied the release too: The Universal Sigh. If you missed out on this little presie from the Oxford boys, or like me you’re waiting for a copy somebody went to get for you, you can check out the contents at Kicking The Habit. Just like the album’s artwork, the atmosphere of the paper reminds me of the poster standing at the foot of my bed (yes really) from the Amnesiac era: we are back to the ominous and inevitable threat of ‘something’ ghastly.

It’s been well over a month now since the band released the download version of the album, and I was astonished by the lightening speed with which the online community devoured it, analysed it, reviewed it, reinterpreted it and moved on. Even before it was released you could read a hilarious review over at Viceland, on the day itself there were ‘in depth reviews’ popping up left right and centre within hours, a band called Robotanists managed to cover the entire album in 1 day, and soon you could watch Thom Yorke dancing to Beyonce, Zorba The Greek, and auditioning for Black Swan.

I decided I wanted to spend a bit more time with the album. And so, over the last month, I got to know it better, took it for walks and bike rides, and even took it to bed once or twice. Now that we are well acquainted I can officially say: we might have a bit of a thing going on. When we just started hanging out its jerky rhythms and off kilter melodies (In Bloom, Lotus Flower and most of all Feral) were an instant attraction. When the initial lust wore off, I went looking for the heart and soul of it. It told me fragile stories of loves won and lost in Give Up The Ghost and the pleasantly familiar ring of Little By Little. When we finally bared all to each other, I was rewarded with the breathtaking Codex.

The King Of Limbs might not be my first or even The One, but for now, let’s just say we are enjoying each other’s company very much.