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Pictures thanks to Death Is Overrated

Last Tuesday I kicked off my concert season 2010 with a little visit to the London based boys of Fanfarlo in Paradiso. Thankfully this time they did show up with the full band, as opposed to their gig at Lowlands last summer. As they started playing I remembered what it is I find so endearing about this band: they write great songs and take their time to build them up, have several band members doing second vocals, aren’t afraid to whip out a mandolin or a melodica and most of all: they’re just so damn charming.

In fact, they’re so charming that by the end of the gig I was left with the feeling that all of it was delightful, but none of it was overwhelming, ballgrabbing or socksoffknocking. Singer Simon Balthazar has this gorgeous understated Brit-drawl going on, but it never veers out of control for even one moment. Their songs are similar, they’re perfectly constructed pop songs gently building up to a climax that never explodes.

I’m hoping that for their next album they’ll take note from their examples Beirut and in particular Arcade Fire and rev it up a bit every now and again, explore the darker side of Fanfarlo. Nobody is charming all the time, right?

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